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Planning and permits

Continued development and sound planning contribute substantially to the County’s economic viability.

Our Planning and Development department works closely with businesses, developers, residents, Council, and the Economic Development team to move projects forward from concept to completion.


Private businesses (developers) and individual landowners do most of the development within the County. The County may occasionally build infrastructure such as roads, parks and bridges.

Our Development Services workgroup regulates land use and the subdivision of land, and administers development permits.

Development permits

Nearly all forms of building and development requires a permit to ensure that the proposed project complies with the Land Use Bylaw.

Development comes in many forms, such as constructing new buildings or additions, replacing or repairing existing buildings, changing the use of buildings, excavating or stockpiling soil, installing signage on buildings or private land, and starting a home-based business.

To apply for a development permit, complete the applicable development permit application.

Submit your application to Development Services by email, drop it off in person, or mail it to:

Leduc County
Development Services
101-1101 5 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 2X3

If you aren't sure whether your development requires a permit, email Development Services or call 780-979-2113.

The Planning and Development department will determine the completeness of a development permit application within 20 days of the submission, unless this time period is extended through a written agreement between the applicant and the department.   

After the application is deemed complete, a decision will be rendered within 40 days of the date of completion noted within the acknowledgment. 

Off-site levies

Developers in the Nisku Business Park and parts of the East Vistas and Saunders Lake areas are required to pay fees called off-site levies to help cover the infrastructure costs associated with new developments and subdivisions.

The Greater Nisku and Area Off-Site Levy Policies and Procedures outlines exemptions and contributions. Visit our taxes and fees page to learn more about the requirements and costs associated with off-site levies in Leduc County.

Subdividing land

If you want to divide a parcel of land into smaller lots, you need to get approval from Leduc County. After the subdivision is approved, it can be registered and separate land titles will be issued by the Alberta Land Titles Office

Learn more about the subdivision process.

Safety codes permits

Construction or safety codes permits are issued under the authority of the Safety Codes Act. Through the issuance of safety codes permits, Leduc County supports economic viability by making the municipality a safe and desirable place to live and work.

Before you begin work on a building, electrical, plumbing or gas project or private sewage installation, you will require a safety codes permit. Timelines for issuing safety codes permits vary; for more information specific to your project, contact our Safety Codes team by email or at 780-979-2113.

Refer to Leduc County's Fees and Charges bylaw for a complete list of safety codes permit fees.

Nisku Business Park burn permits

Business representatives who wish to have an open fire in the Nisku Business Park must have a fire permit. Permits are required year-round in Nisku, and you can apply for a fire permit online. Note: online fire permits are only available in Nisku Business Park.

Planning policies

The Planning and Development department produces a variety of plans, reports and studies that guide our development and land use planning decisions.

We follow federal and provincial legislation and consider environmental and historical impacts as well as approved municipal policies for all planning and development decisions.

Municipal Standards

Leduc County's Municipal Standards (MS) are intended to assist Leduc County, developers and their representatives, and contractors in the design, preparation and submission of plans and specifications for construction of municipal improvements and infrastructure that will meet the servicing requirements for commercial, industrial, and residential subdivision and development within Leduc County.


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