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There are a number of key documents that guide our work and decision-making in order to support the needs of existing businesses, help businesses grow and expand their networks, improve operations and attract investment.

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan provides direction for both Council and administration to achieve our goals and priorities.

The goals, strategies and priorities found in the plan are based on three strategic pillars – Deep Community Connections, Strong Leadership and a Robust Economy.

Under the Robust Economy pillar, we have identified a number of goals and success measures to help grow our business sector and diversify our economy. We recognize the importance of an economy that can adapt to meet demands, and we will continue working to grow our economy through collaborative leadership, regional partnerships and strategic development.

The Leduc County Economic Development and Growth Management Strategy was adopted by Council in 2016. The economic climate of Leduc County is ever-changing and moves in response to a variety of internal and external forces; as a result, a comprehensive strategy was developed in order to manage the forecast population and economic growth in the region.

The Investment Readiness and Implementation Strategy (IRIS) project aimed to create an implementation strategy that will provide clear direction for future growth and employment in crucial areas of rural development, agriculture, commercial and industrial growth within Leduc County.

The Leduc County Investment Strategy is a progressive approach to creating an attractive investment environment for new development while supporting existing businesses. This work is supported by Council’s Leduc County 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. This roadmap directs administration’s economic activities that are in the best interests of Leduc County while working towards investment certainty for our clients.

Leduc County recognizes the importance of accessing high-speed internet, which provides access to learning, helps businesses grow and remain resilient, and connects families.

We partnered with RSM and Taylor Warwick Consulting to develop a Regional Broadband Strategy that outlines the requirements to meet the County’s broadband needs over the next ten years. The strategy provides a set of detailed options for the development of a high-capacity broadband network throughout Leduc County.

The Rural West Economic Diversification Plan provides direction for future development, growth and employment within rural Leduc County. The plan highlights opportunities in 12 sectors of the economy that are aligned with the County’s goal of economic diversification, economic growth and job creation.

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